Success Stories.

Shelly & Isabella

I took a birthing class at a local doctors office. It was free and provided by my doctor. It was so boring as the nurse teaching it obviously did not want to be there. She basically just read off of a flip chart. I have been friends with Paula for a long time and she taught me how to labor and breathe for comfort. I had to get an epidural, but I managed to wait like Paula suggested and it worked out great. She taught me how to speak with my doctor and ask about all my options before making a decision. I was truly blessed with my birth experience, thanks to Paula.

Baby Killian 7 lbs 6 ozs

Paula is an amazing teacher! My husband and I took her Hypnobirthing class and felt it was very thorough. I learned the art of Hypnobirthing by using her calming voice and relaxing music, breathing techniques, and effleurage. I was induced, and I was able to use the technique Paula taught me for the first 13 hours of my labor. I had stalled at 6 centimeters and there was talk of taking me back to the o.r. for a C-section. After receiving an epidural that did not work appropriately, I was uncomfortable and I was tired and I had lost my focus. All of which Paula had warned me about. Paula came in to check on me and she used her voice to help me refocus, breathe and relax my jaw. which helped me with my fear and relaxing. I had my baby boy vaginally within the hour after her visit!! Paula is truly wonderful at what she does, and it is clear she loves her clients and helping them have better births. I would recommend her to anyone who is having a baby. Thanks Paula for everything you've done. Katie