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What are Hypnobirthing Classes?

First let's take a look at what Hypnosis is. Most people think "stage hypnosis" when you talk about hypnosis. Go to sleep and cluck like a chicken!!, That is NOT what hypnosis is. Hypnosis is a deep relaxed mental state. This state allows the unconscious mind to accept suggestions. You are not asleep and you are not under my power! When you are in labor and your uterus is contracting and you tense on top of the contraction, it will be more painful. Hypnosis and mindfulness help you stay relaxed during labor for a more relaxed, comfortable and faster birth. Hypnobirthing has been used by many women for comfort during labor. I used Hypnobirthing for my second daughter and knew then it was something I wanted to teach other women for better labor and birth. There are evidence-based studies that show Hypnobirthing increases comfort and decreases the need for a cesarean section.

Hypnosis can be used throughout your pregnancy for better sleep, less morning sickness, turning breech babies and so much more. It is even been noted that it can help with breastfeeding and postpartum bleeding.

Hypnobirthing is typically taught in 4-5 session classes with your support person. The first session is all about education. I will be very thorough in teaching you about hypnosis, labor and also about medical interventions. Each session progresses with the hypnosis.

Hypnobirthing is a relaxation technique that has been used for many centuries by women of all faiths, backgrounds, and races to help them have a more comfortable, safe and in most cases a faster birth of their baby. I encourage the birth partner to come to the classes so that they can understand how to better help you in this process and even use the techniques themselves in everyday stress.

While you are in this wonderful relaxed state, I will use positive affirmations that will help with your comfort and empowerment.

The techniques that you learn in Hypnosis will last you a lifetime.