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Why Childbirth Education Classes are important for better outcomes.

You can look up the evidenced based research on how childbirth education helps promote better birth outcomes and less cesarean sections. The more information to help you make better decisions during your labor and birth will directly impact your comfort, and interventions. The more interventions that you have the greater risk for cesarean sections. Your birth of your precious baby should be a happy event with memories that are filled with love, and joy, not fear and pain. I can help you with that. I teach options for comfort, positions for easier birth, and I love when my clients come back to me for other classes and tell me how my classes helped them. Want to know how to effectively communicate with your healthcare provider? I can help you with that. You have options and I want you to be empowered. Sign up for some of our classes or if you are looking for Shower gifts, classes are great gifts.