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Support for the pregnant mother

Evidence shows better outcomes with support during labor

Women who are pregnant have many options today for how they birth. One of the constants are the support for mom. Husbands, family, friends, special relationships not excluded. Again the evidence is that women have better outcomes when they have a good support during labor. I encourage you to think carefully about your labor support. Family may be good, however they may be quick to push their idea of what you should do or not do. Whoever you choose for your support, they should want to support you in your choices. Significant others, husbands, girlfriends, family, partners, they need education also. What ever your diad may be, make sure they understand how best to support you and what you expect from them. You deserve to have a great support person or team. I encourage your support person to come to your class with you. If you have more than one support, I offer discount prices for extra support education. Sign them up. Don't forget to ask for classes as a shower gift!!

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